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Every year just to satisfy our fashion needs nearly Four hundred crore innocent birds and animals are Killed in most cruel and brutal manner. Smooth and Shining Skin, Elephant Tusks, Fur, Cream, Lipstick etc. are prepared from the limbs of such creatures. Many leaders and actors in the name of fashion use such items. It is our solemn human duty to draw their attention to this situation either by post or personal contact so as to prevent others who are unaware of it from imitating them. Pure silk is made by boiling thousands of silk worms alive in hot water. According to an estimate for making Silk worth one gram 15 silk worms are required. For knowing the number of silk warms used In a silk piece it has to be weighted in grams and multiplied by fifteen. Government of India has afforded protection by Law to Musk Deer and Civet even still they are killed for getting perfumes from them. In the present age of science cheaper and durable alternatives beings are available. Hence, such killing deserves to be stopped as unnecessary and meaningless. The modern hospital of this institution are equipped with operation theater cage rooms and other Facilities. However bigger size wild birds like Emu, Peacock, Owl, Kite, Sarrus Crane, Hawk, Falcon, Tetar, Flamingo are brought in more numbers for treatment. All birds an animals brought in this hospital are given prompt treatment. For better treatment of birds and animals medical equipments like X-ray Machines, Sonography Machines, Medical Insrtuments, Incubators for newely born bird, small Oxygen Machines, Heat temperature maintenance Machines, Hot Rooms, Cages, Medicines and Food Grains are required. The Institution established with blessings of Jain Sages which is unique in whole Gujarat quite naturally expects voluntary Contribution for expansion of their voluntary service campaign. let us expand these activities of meritorious compassionate service of saving more and more Birds and Animals.

Param Pujya Acharya Bhagvant Shrimad Vijay Prabodhchandrasuriswarji has inspired us for serving disable and injured Birds & Animal in our Hospital situated at Annapurna Mandir, Near R.T.O., Pal. (Hazira Road Surat)

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SURAT, India
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